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Exterior Tile – An awesome option not many think about

Exterior Tile – An awesome option not many think about

After selling 1000’s upon 1000’s of sq. feet of tile the percentage of tile that adorns the exterior of a house or building is very low. Yet with the beauty, durability, and availability of 1000’s of tile options, one needs to consider the advantage of using tile on the exterior of a home versus other products.

The first thing to consider is that tile on the exterior of a home looks awesome. So why don’t people do it more often? There are tiles available that look like any type of wood you can think of, there is also tile available that looks like stone, and tile that looks like brick. The painted brick option is becoming more and more popular. But little do people know you get a better look using a brick tile, much more durable, and less expensive to install.

Other considerations are the durability of the tile. Tile done right will outlast many other exterior products offered. Inzpire prides itself in only using licensed and insured contractors. The type of tile for an exterior should be a low porosity durable porcelain tile, installed with the correct spray on water proofing or the substrate, along with the correct exterior thin-sets used. Doing things correctly will give the exterior a lifetime of exceptional looks and quality.