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The Fear of Colors

The Fear of Colors

Building a new home or remodeling an old one? I bet I can guess some of the colors you’re likely to be doing. The cabinets I bet you’re going to do white, or some variation of a natural wood color (probably knotty alder). Your walls will most likely be a white or perhaps a light gray/taupe. And your ceiling almost certainly will be white. I have two words for those colors. Safe and predictable, people have been doing those colors for years and for the most part doing well with them. After all it is hard to go wrong with something that is safe.

However if your one of the few not afraid to can stand out in the crowd then my hats off to you. You are one of the brave souls we can all take a lesson from, myself included.

Finding confidence when picking out colors and other choices that are out of the box for our homes or remodel projects is something that is so very hard for many of us to have After all, it’s just so EASY to pick the safe option and be done.

I challenge you all to throw caution to the wind and add a splash of color to your home. Stay away from the sterile feeling that an all white house invokes. No one wants to feel like they are living in a hospital. Add some contrast by doing your cabinets a different color, or install a backsplash that adds a fun pop. You could even paint some of your ceilings a nice accent color and buy or make some furniture to match. People have more recently started to paint their exterior doors a bright contrasting color. Embrace that idea and bring the color into the interior and paint some chairs or tables to match add some throw pillows as well. Something that small can make a huge difference.

I promise those splashes of color are going to be the difference between someone walking into your home and going “oh this is nice.” And them saying “Oh my I LOVE what you have done.”

Color brings brightness and fun into our lives, so be adventurous and bring a little into your home.